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What Should I Eat?

Best—foods that are wholesome and nutritious:

  • Fresh Fruits (apples, apricots, avocados, blackberries, blueberries, cherries, grapefruit, kiwi, mangoes, oranges, purple grapes, prunes, raspberries, and strawberries)
  • Fresh Vegetables (broccoli, spinach, sweet potatoes, squash, tomatoes, carrots, eggplant, bell peppers, onions, and brussels sprouts)
  • Lean protein (skinless chicken or turkey breast; egg whites; fish—flounder, sole, scrod, cod, tuna canned in water; lean beef; nonfat cottage cheese; beans—black, kidney, garbanzo)
  • Whole grains (barley, brown rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, popcorn—plus whole-wheat bread, pasta, or crackers)

Worst—foods that are empty calories with little nutritional value:

  • Chips
  • Donuts
  • Fried foods (French fries, fried chicken, fried seafood, anything deep-fried)
  • Soda pop
  • The “whites”—bread (buns), pasta, sugar, flour, potatoes
  • Processed or imitation foods

Why Drink Water?
Experts say that drinking at least 64 ounces of water per day can:

  1. Facilitate weight loss
  2. Improve your overall health and immunity
  3. Reduce headaches and fatigue
  4. Eliminate constipation
  5. Curb hunger
  6. Help you look younger

You might be dehydrated if . . .

  • You have a dry mouth
  • You urinate infrequently
  • You have very dark urine
  • You feel dizzy or faint
  • You have frequent headaches
  • You get sleepy in the afternoon
  • You have dry skin or chapped lips

Breakfast: The Most Important Meal of the Day

Four key reasons not to skip breakfast:

  1. It speeds up your metabolism, which helps you maintain a healthy weight.
  2. It provides better nutrition.
  3. It prevents binge eating.
  4. It improves your memory, concentration, and mood. Makes you more efficient.

13 simple breakfast ideas

  1. Whole-grain bread with almond butter, sliced banana, or raisins on top; or topped with smoked salmon and tomatoes. Serve with two apricots and low-fat milk.
  2. High-fiber cereal topped with mixed nuts or fruit and served with a glass of soy milk.
  3. Natural yogurt mixed with chopped apple and whole-grain cereal or topped with mixed berries and a teaspoon of ground flaxseed; a slice of whole-grain toast; and green tea or orange juice.
  4. Healthy granola bar, one orange, and lowfat milk.
  5. Whole wheat English muffin, toasted, topped with reduced-fat cottage cheese and pineapple; or with peanut butter and sliced apples; or with melted reduced-fat cheese, a sliced tomato, and a sliced hard-boiled egg; served with 100% fruit juice or skim milk.
  6. Scrambled egg sprinkled with a teaspoon of ground flaxseed; served with mixed-grain bread, fresh fruit salad, and low-fat milk.
  7. Cooked oats topped with raisins, dried cranberries, or sliced bananas; with low-fat milk.
  8. Whole wheat pita stuffed with grilled Canadian bacon, reduced-fat cottage cheese, tomatoes, and mushrooms; served with 100 percent fruit juice.
  9. Fruit smoothie. Add strawberries, kiwi, and a banana to the blender, with a cup of yogurt, one teaspoon of ground flaxseed, and ice.
  10. Breakfast burrito. Scrambled eggs, chopped tomatoes, and reduced-fat cheese wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla and served with green tea.
  11. Sandwich made with lean ham or turkey and tomatoes on whole-grain bread, served with reduced-fat milk.
  12. Mini whole-grain bagel topped with almond butter and sliced apples or reduced-fat cottage cheese and sprinkled with flaxseed. Serve with mixed berries and a cup of herbal tea or a glass of orange juice.
  13. Sliced melon in a bowl with the pulp of one passion fruit, topped with natural yogurt and a handful of muesli.

Shop ’Til You Drop (the Weight)
Successful health and weight loss begin at the grocery store. Here are some hints:

1. Shop with a list. Write out a weekly menu plan (including snacks). Then make a grocery list, and stick to it. Keep empty-calorie food out of your cart. You’ll have everything you need when preparing meals and snacks.
2. Buy fresh food. Avoid prepared and prepackaged foods. Buy more fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, and dairy.
3. Shop the perimeter of the store. That’s where all the fresh foods are. The less you find yourself in the central aisles (where the processed foods are), the healthier your shopping will be.
4. Don’t shop hungry. A full stomach will keep you from buying things you don’t want or need!

Eating on the Run

Hints for making healthy choices away from home:

  • Stop by a sandwich shop instead of a fast-food restaurant.
  • Always order water. Stay hydrated!
  • Take along your own snacks.
  • Instead of using the drive-through, go to a grocery or convenience store. (Get an apple and string cheese, yogurt and a banana, or jerky and a fruit roll-up.)
  • Choose healthy airport food (i.e., chicken salad, turkey wrap, stir-fry veggies with rice, or a protein shake from a juice bar).

At a restaurant . . .

  • Check their website for calorie information before you go.
  • Split a meal or order your to-go box with dinner and put half away before you start.
  • Order an appetizer instead of an entrée.
  • Ask for sauces and dressings to be served on the side.
  • Avoid fried foods—go for grilled.
  • Skip the pre-meal bread basket or chips and dip.
  • Drink a full glass of water before your meal arrives.
  • Start the meal with salad or clear soup to curb your appetite.
  • Order steamed veggies or fruit as a side dish, instead of potatoes or bread.
  • Read Eat This, Not That to help you make the healthy choice.

The scoop on fast food . . .
They all have nutritional information on their websites. Go check out your favorites!

Poor choice: Quarter Pounder with cheese—510 calories
Sausage Biscuit w/egg—510 calories
Better choice: Fruit and yogurt parfait—160 calories

Poor choice: Volcano nachos—1,000 calories
Better choice: Fresco grilled steak soft taco—160 calories
Poor choice: Chick-n-strips—500 calories
Better choice: Chargrilled chicken garden salad—180 calories

Poor choice: Ultimate BLT sandwich—850 calories
Better choice: Junior Roast Beef sandwich—200 calories
Poor choice: Grande peppermint white chocolate mocha—540 calories
Poor choice: Classic coffee cake—440 calories
Better choice: Tall nonfat no-whip mocha—170 calories

15 Healthy Snack Ideas

Eating healthy snacks keeps your metabolism running strong so you can lose weight. Eat two healthy snacks each day—one between breakfast and lunch, and another between lunch and dinner. Mix a protein with a fruit or veggie. One key is planning ahead. Here are some examples. Mix and match!

Prepackaged snacks for on-the-go eating (read labels for calories, sugar, and fat content!):

  • Kashi snack bars
  • Applesauce or mixed fruit cups
  • Raw nuts, raisins, dried fruit (trail mix)
  • Pretzels or sunflower seeds with string cheese
  • Beef jerky or meat sticks

Bring to work or eat at home:

  • One small apple, sliced; one tablespoon peanut butter; and 20 raisins
  • A stalk of celery with peanut butter, or with tuna and herbs
  • A small bowl of frozen berries and yogurt, topped with flaxseed.
  • One oatcake with cottage cheese and fresh coriander
  • Eight cashew nuts, three carrot sticks, and two thick slices of cucumber
  • Two rice cakes spread with hummus and topped with cherry tomatoes
  • Three handfuls of unbuttered, unsweetened popcorn seasoned with herbs
  • Two crispbread slices spread with mashed avocado and a squeeze of lemon juice
  • Two small kiwis sliced, and six almonds
  • One rice cake topped with a hard-boiled egg or cottage cheese; add grapes

Need Ideas?
Get sample menus, examples of what to eat for breakfast, snacks, or dinner; programs to follow . . .

Good Books:
The Best Life Diet by Bob Greene
The South Beach Diet by Arthur Agatston

Web Helps: (click meal planning) (click diet/sample diets) (click diet)

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