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Campmeeting 2015
July 19-24
Rhema Campus
Broken Arrow, OK


Living Faith Crusade
August 23-26
Sterling Heights, MI

Be A Man of Conviction, Compassion, and Courage

courage// Kenneth W. Hagin

David was a shepherd boy turned songwriter and musician. He was a young man who became a giant-killer. He married into the royal family and became a successful military leader.

You might say that David was the original Robin Hood. He was forever helping the common man. After he fled from the tyrannical King Saul, he gathered around him many unwanted people.

When David was anointed king, he provided strong leadership. History shows us that he was one of Israel's best-known kings. He was a strong advocate of following Jehovah. David was a man after God's heart.

Miles and centuries separate us from David. He was a king; we are common. But despite the distance and differences, we can learn something about being fathers from this father of long ago. Read more . . .